The Freak Sites Ad VENTURER Program

Apply To Become A Freak Sites Ad Venturer

Join our exclusive affiliate program and embark on your journey as a Freak Sites Ad Venturer. Upon approval, you'll gain access to our platform where you can choose which Freak Sites to promote using your unique affiliate link.

Every time you successfully refer a new seller who joins for $99 per year, you'll earn $25 from their annual subscription fee. It's straightforward and rewarding—start promoting and earning today!

Earning Potential as a Freak Sites Ad Venturer

Unlock unlimited earning potential as a Freak Sites Ad Venturer! There’s no limit to what you can earn. The more referrals you make through your Freak Sites affiliate link or via your sub-affiliate links that convert to Sellers at $99 per year, the greater your earnings.

For instance, generating just 8 new sales daily of our $99 a year advertising subscription could see you earning $200 daily, based on a commission of $25 per sale. By maintaining this pace for five days a week, you could achieve $1,000 weekly. That translates to potentially $50,000 annually as a Freak Sites Ad Venturer.

We issue payments bi-weekly, covering commissions on sales from the preceding two weeks, and this includes renewals. Due to the lucrative nature of these earnings, we are highly selective about who we onboard as a Freak Sites Ad Venturer.

Referring Other Ad Venturers

Expand your earning potential by referring new Ad Venturers to Freak Sites. When you introduce someone to our affiliate program using your unique affiliate link and they become an approved Freak Sites Ad Venturer, you’ll earn an additional $10 for each $99 annual subscription they sell.

Our affiliate system automatically tracks your referrals, ensuring you receive your $10 commission for every sale made within your network. Note that commissions are paid solely on sales of our advertising packages, not for recruiting new affiliates. Every Ad Venturer you refer must be approved by our team, reinforcing our commitment to quality and exclusivity in our program.

Maximize Your Earnings by Building a Team

Imagine the potential when you build a team of Freak Sites Ad Venturers. Let’s say you recruit just 3 other Ad Venturers who each match your performance of 8 sales a day. Here’s a breakdown of what you could earn:

- Your Direct Sales: 8 sales/day x $25/sale = $200/day
- Team Sales: (3 Ad Venturers x 8 sales/day x $10/sale) = $240/day from your team’s efforts

In total, that’s $440 per day! If this level of activity is maintained five days a week, you’re looking at $2,200 per week. Annually, this could add up to over $114,000 from personal and team sales combined!

This hypothetical example showcases the power of leveraging a network and why many successful influencers with large followings should find our program exceptionally rewarding. Our system is designed to reward both your personal efforts and your ability to inspire success in others.

Additional Bonus Money For Performance​

Joining as a Buyer on any Freak Site is free, and transitioning to a Seller is an affordable $99 per year for up to 99 classified ads. This pricing simplifies understanding for potential Sellers, illustrating a cost as low as $1 per ad

Our Freak Sites Ad Venturer program is pivotal in driving traffic and boosting sales through strategic affiliate marketing. In addition to leveraging our social media advertising and promotional efforts for Sellers, our Ad Venturers are crucial in generating valuable traffic. To further motivate and reward our Ad Venturers, we offer performance bonuses based on both direct sales and the sales from your affiliate network. The more your network helps to expand our classified ad network, the higher your earnings potential.

Our program fosters a cooperative ecosystem where Sellers, Buyers, and Affiliates work together towards mutual success. This collaborative approach ensures that our Freak Sites Ad Venturers are well-supported to achieve outstanding results and earn significant income through their sales commissions.

Enhance Your Commissions by Promoting Added Exposure for Sellers

As a Freak Sites Ad Venturer, when you recruit Sellers to join for $99 a year, they gain the opportunity to post up to 99 classified ads on the Freak Sites platform. Additionally, we provide extra visibility for these Sellers by linking to their ads from our social media channels—including our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts.

When Sellers include a video in their ad, we can even feature that video on our Freak Sites YouTube channel, amplifying their reach. Although our social media following is still growing, these links provide significant added exposure, potentially driving more traffic to their ads.

This enhanced visibility not only adds tremendous value to the Seller’s subscription but also makes your affiliate link more attractive to prospective Sellers. The more benefits you can promote, the more compelling your pitches will be, directly impacting your ability to earn more commissions. As our social media presence expands, so does the exposure for the ads, benefiting both you and the Sellers you refer.

Affiliate Marketing Using Freak Sites Classified Advertising

Join an Affiliate Program

There are many Affiliate Programs that you can join online. Most of them are free.

Select Products that Work on a Freak Site

Once you join an Affiliate Program you can select a Freak Site and become a Seller. Post your products as a classified ad and link back to where they can purchase the product. Make sure you're in compliance by stating in the ad that you are an Affiliate for that company.

Earn great commissions

When a Buyer sees your ad and makes a purchase through the Affiliate website, you can get paid from that Affiliate Program that you are marketing.

Insert Your Affiliate Link in your Ads

Unlike other websites that don't allow you to promote Affiliate Marketing Programs. Freak Sites allows you to leverage our advertising site by making it affordable and simple to use.

You must put a disclaimer in your ads on Freak Sites that states, "As a (company name) Associate, if you click on an ad or a link, I can earn a commission from qualifying purchases". This is required for marketing Affiliate Programs today, along with agreeing to our policies and terms and conditions.

Get Started for only $99 a year

At Freak Sites we understand that online advertising is expensive. Especially if you are marketing someone else's products for a small percentage of the sale. Which is why we keep our advertising costs low!

We've Got A Freak Site Just For You

Select the Freak Site that fits your needs. Become a Seller with an annual subscription and start using our classified ad network to buy, sell or trade whatever you have for sale.

Traders Freak

Are you a collector? Do you want to buy, sell or trade stuff with others?
Traders Freak is for you!

Cars Freak

Are you a Car Dealer? Are you passionate about cars or have a vehicle to sell?
Cars Freak is for you!

Writers Freak

Are you an author? Have you written a book or are you a bookstore, publisher or writer? Writers Freak is for you!

Commercial Freak

Are you in commercial sales? Check out Commercial Freak and how it can work for you!

Crafts Freak

Are you passionate about crafts? Want to buy or sell your own creations?
Then Crafts Freak is for you!

Artist Freak

Are you an Artist? Or someone who is passionate about art?
Then Artist Freak is for you!

Housing Freak

Are you interested in real-estate? Have a property you need to find or sell?
Then Housing Freak is for you!

Acres Freak

Are you interested in commercial real-estate or land?
Then Acres freak is for you!

Pets Freak

Are you passionate about pets? Want to buy or sell products or services for pets?
Pets Freak is for you!

Glamor Freak

Are you a model or influencer? Want to buy or sell health or beauty products or services? Glamor Freak is for you!

Travelers Freak

Are you a traveler? Do you enjoy going to exotic places or doing cool things?
Travelers Freak is for you!

Runner Freak

Are you an active runner? The global running apparel market is over $39 billion.
Runner Freak is for you!