Join A Freak Site and start Affiliate marketing

Join an Affiliate Program

There are many Affiliate Programs that you can join online. Most of them are free. You must put a disclaimer in your ads on Freak Sites that states, "As a (company name) Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases". This is required for marketing Affiliate Programs today, along with agreeing to our policies and terms and conditions.

Select Products that Work on a Freak Site

Once you join an Affiliate Program you can select a Freak Site and become a Seller. Post your products as a classified ad and link back to where they can purchase the product. Make sure you're in compliance by stating in the ad that you are an Affiliate for that company.

Earn great commissions

When a Buyer sees your ad and makes a purchase through the Affiliate website, you can get paid from that Affiliate Program that you are marketing.

Insert Your Affiliate Link in your Ads

Unlike other websites that don't allow you to promote Affiliate Marketing Programs. Freak Sites allows you to leverage our advertising site by making it affordable and simple to use.

Get Started for only $99 a year

At Freak Sites we understand that online advertising is expensive. Especially if you are marketing someone else's products for a small percentage of the sale. Which is why we keep our advertising costs low!

We've Got A Freak Site Just For You

Visit one of our Freak Sites and select the one that fits your needs. Join a monthly subscription and start using it immediately to buy, sell or trade whatever it is you’re looking to do.

Traders Freak

Are you a collector? Or someone who wants to buy, sell or trade there stuff?
Then Traders Freak is for you!

Cars Freak

Are you a Car Dealer? Or someone who is passionate about cars?
Then Cars Freak is for you!

Writers Freak

Are you an author? Or someone who loves reading and wants to connect with an author?
Then Writers Freak is for you!

Crafts Freak

Are you passionate about crafts? Want to buy or sell your own creations?
Then Crafts Freak is for you!

Artist Freak

Are you an Artist? Or someone who is passionate about art?
Then Artist Freak is for you!

Housing Freak

Are you interested in real-estate? Have a property you need to find or sell?
Then Housing Freak is for you!

Acres Freak

Are you interested in commercial real-estate or land?
Then Acres freak is for you!